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To mentor is to advise or train a young individual.

Leadership Training


M.E.N. Incorporated strives to encourage young men on an individual basis to become leaders through many leadership training services, modules and activities.

This is done by educating our young men on areas such as: ​

• Decision-making- provide young men with the necessary tools to make the right decisions
• Community service- provide an outlet in the form of performing service task within the community
• Conflict resolution- skills needed to properly identify issues that are likely to result in strong disagreements with others and resolve the conflicts perceptively in a non-threatening manner
• Team building- encourages teams to stay together, work together, and achieve together. This will build sportsmanship, cooperation, and eliminate inhibitors on teams whether in school or the workplace
• Etiquette- proper eating, hand shaking, eye contact and public speaking which are all required to communicate and socialize confidently
• Goal Setting- encourage young men to set attainable short and long term goals and plan adequately to accomplish them
• Negotiation- training and skills needed to control life situations and evaluate decisions
• Effective Interviewing- skills and etiquette needed to make a positive lasting impression



With up to date and state approved modules, our mentoring program is designed to effectively encourage, uplift, motivate, advise and guide young men into a progressive future. Our goal is to mold these often misguided and misunderstood young men into successful, respectful, self-sufficient MEN. By allowing the young men to be open and honest about whatever issues they may be dealing with on a daily basis we are able to connect with them. It is important to listen to each young person and allow them to lead the conversation but still offer advice and strategies for improvement. Our mentoring style is just what I described, a place to be "real" and honest with individuals who care.

Life Skills Training 


M.E.N. INC. is determined to teach and demonstrate the many skills that are required to be successful through many of life’s challenges.

  • Round table discussions- A Safe Zone to open up and talk about exciting events that may be happening or any pressing issues that may be noted as a stressor in life

  • Money management – adequate budgeting and tracking methods needed to achieve financial stability

  • Time management- skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals that will decrease procrastination

  • Resume building- methods used to develop an effective resume by incorporating facts on what employers look for

  • Job search- assisting in locating jobs opportunities, hosting job/career fairs

  • Back 2 School initiative- assisting in getting young men in school and monitor progression to keep them in school

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