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Without knowing it, M.E.N. Incorporated was in its beginning stages in 2009 but did not come into fruition until the winter of 2010. Co-Founders and Partners Desmond Bertrand and Justin D. Pitts are often sought out by young men for encouragement, counseling, mentoring and uplifting words and simply an ear to listen to the desires, issues, concerns, goals, and dreams. As time progressed more individuals reached out for help, whether it be a place to stay while getting on their feet, a meal to eat, or just a comforting voice of reason.  After a long conversation on the need for positive role models and mentors in the city of Houston, Desmond had an “ah hah” moment that sparked the idea of the organization and immediately brought it to Justin’s attention.  Together they decided that the only way to reach a larger number of people was to start an organization; so they stepped out on faith and M.E.N. Inc. was born. They have both been mentors, counselors, educators and nurturers within friend circles and even with strangers who felt like they could be open and honest without receiving judgment from these gentlemen so the research process began; staying up late nights, typing documents, creating curriculum, formulating business plans, budgets and thinking of organization names. The name M.E.N. came easily because they wanted to focus on the male demographic, after the name was confirmed; they then decided on the acronyms; Mentoring, Educating and Nurturing. These three areas are most definitely needed and often overlooked within certain segments of the young male communities.


M.E.N. Incorporated is a now a not for profit organization designed to Mentor, Educate, and Nurture young men in and around the Houston area and ultimately the World. We were incorporated on January 20, 2011, received our DBA on February 11, 2011 and acknowledged by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization by June 6, 2011. Our mission is to Mentor, Educate and Nurture young men regardless of ethnicity or sexual orientation within available resources allowed. The goal and ultimate vision of our organization is to provide young men with awareness and training needed to produce leaders that will contribute positively and successfully to society.


M.E.N. Incorporated is a nonjudgmental unbiased safe place for young men when are often turned away, misguided or looked over. M.E.N. Inc. serves young men of all backgrounds from ages 8-25. Throughout the year M.E.N. Inc. host seminars, workshops conferences as well as one on one sessions on interviewing, career advancement, college admission process, financial literacy, goal setting, team building, conflict resolution to name a few. Such programs as the You Matter Series and The Leadership Institute have become very popular and followers are requesting MORE. The past four years have been quite a journey that has and will continue to prove itself beneficial to the advancement of the lives of young men around the city of Houston and ultimately the world.

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