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To educate is to give intellectual, moral or social instruction to someone. 

Life Coaching & Therapy

The goal of M.E.N. Inc.’s Life Coaching & Therapy services is to assist young men with finding a realistic and obtainable balance spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and otherwise. Services will focus on assisting young men with challenges and barriers associated with self-confidence and emotional instabilities. Qualified and Licensed persons will provide “Intensive Interventions” to combat the stigma associated with Therapy in efforts to assist all clients. This service can be provided privately or in a peer focused support group.

Financial Literacy

The main objective behind the financial literacy Training Program is to increase awareness and knowledge of financial priorities based on personal values and financial goals. The services prepare participants to take responsibility for their own financial transactions and subsequent positive and negative fiscal habits. With the assistance of partners such as Woodforest National Bank, this program is provided in classroom settings, community seminars and individual sessions.


Career Counseling

Career Counseling services are designed to provide young men with career awareness, self-development, and career decision making skills. Staff will collaborate with clients to develop a realistic attitude toward the dignity of all work and workers. Young men will be provided with information about the world of work that will assist them in making long-range educational and career plans. These services are individually developed according to the clients’ unique abilities, interests, and aptitudes.


HIV/STD Prevention and Awareness

M.E.N. Incorporated is committed to providing accurate education and information on prevention and testing resources available to young men. Staff will utilize tools such as Voices/Voces training models to increase knowledge of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Although M.E.N. Incorporated is not a HIV testing site, staff can facilitate and coordinate testing at a partnering agency. Pre and Post testing counseling is available to individuals and couples.

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