become a member of our Board of Directors

M.E.N. Incorporated is actively working to build a Board of Directors that will positively promote its mission and vision.

We are very excited that you answered the call to service.  Becoming a Board member is very fun and fulfilling work. It gives you the opportunity to touch the lives of others, increase your community connections as well as increase your leadership skills. There is also very hard work involved in becoming a board member. 


While on the Board of Directors at M.E.N. Incorporated your key responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Consistent attendance at regular board meetings;

  2. Participation as an active member on at least one committee;

  3. Participation in the fund-raising activities of the organization, along with an annual contribution of no less than $300;

  4. Preparation in advance before regular board meetings by reading and studying materials sent regarding key actions the board is expected to take at the next meeting.

  5. Attend an annual board planning or educational event

If you are ready to take the next step into becoming an active board member please complete the application below!