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Houston ranks 40 in the Nations 50 largest school districts according to graduation rates. In 2008, only 53.5% of students actually graduated with 54% rate of expectancy. On a global scale this does not depict Houston as a academically thriving city.  Houston was recognized as the 8th epicenter for dropouts in 2011, 7,852 people were expected to not graduate for various reasons. Texas is ranked 2nd for the largest projected amount of non graduates with a whopping number of 129, 339. Since 2006, the dropout rates have decreased in HISD but Hispanics and African Americans are still suffering from high rates of dropouts and low graduation expectancy. 

Information provided by EPE Research Center, 2011 and The Houston Independent School District

M.E.N. Incorporated strives to turn these numbers around and show that Houston can rank among the top cities to graduate seniors in the Nation. We want to tackle the minority community and decrease dropout rates which would in turn increase graduation rates. We believe that all young people are capable of being successful, with mentors to guide them and show them that the world is waiting for them this is more than possible.

"Once I found out I was HIV Positive, I was devastated and felt I had no one I could talk to but Mr. Bertrand was there for me from the start with a shoulder to cry on. If it were not for him I don't know where I would be. The advice he has given, his dedication and will to help others is truly outstanding and heartwarming." ~J.P.

"Over the past year, I have been faced with what I consider to have been the most devastating realities in my life, Justin and Desmond only knew me two months but never hesitated to extend help my way, they were not only there spiritually, mentally and emotionally they were also there physically by helping me move and opening their home to me" ~D.E.

"I was at a place of vulnerability and did not know where to turn to next, but Desmond and Justin helped guide me along the way and continue to do so today, I am inspired and determined to one day teach others what they taught me; never lose hope" ~S.D

"I would like to thank M.E.N. Incorporated, I was without food and scared to ask anyone for help but decided to do so anyway, they were there to reassure me and lend a hand. At first, I thought M.E.N. Inc. wasn't for me however, when I needed help they stepped in without questions or asking for me to pay them back. Words cannot express my gratitude!" ~C.M

Sexually Transmitted Disease       

2008 Annual Data

Syphilis Cases (Harris County)                 380
Syphilis Rate (Harris County)                     9.7
Chlamydia Cases (Harris County)        16,896
Chlamydia Rate (Harris County)            429.3
Gonorrhea Cases (Harris County)         6,164
Gonorrhea Rate (Harris County)            156.6
HIV Cases (Texas)                                    4,181
HIV Rate (Texas)                                          19.5
Syphilis Cases (Texas)                            6,336
Syphilis Rate (Texas)                                 26.5
Gonorrhea Cases (Texas)                      32,199
Gonorrhea Rate (Texas)                          134.7
Chlamydia Cases (Texas)                   100,870
Chlamydia Rate (Texas)                          422.0

Texas STD Facts

Texas reported 77,070 AIDS cases to CDC, cumulatively, from the beginning of the epidemic through December 2008. Texas ranked 4th highest among the 50 states in cumulative reported AIDS cases.

Texas ranked 10th among 50 states, with 5.9 cases of P&S syphilis per 100,000 persons. The number of congenital syphilis cases increased from 68 in 1999 to 127 in 2008.

Ranked 17th among 50 states in chlamydial infections (422 per 100,000 persons) and ranked 15th among 50 states in gonorrheal infections (134.7 per 100,000 persons). Reported rates of chlamydia among women (659.5 cases per 100,000) were 3.6 times greater than those among men (182.9 cases per 100,000).


​Information Provided by STD Testing Houston

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